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A home for the Eco-Sattva spirit

We are fundraising for a new home for Buddhafield. After 25 years of running pop up operations, it’s time to consolidate our resources and put down some roots so that we can continue our offerings as well as provide even more opportunities to share our values with the world.

Latest news!

Trev is home!

For Trevor, helping to raise funds for Buddhafield Base is a spiritual practice. Hear all about his 360-mile survival trek for Buddhafield Base here, and click below to sponsor him. Inspired by Trev’s story? There are many ways to become an ambassador for the Base project – we’d love to hear from you.

New from the blog

‘Home’ by Lucid Bhajans

A song written in aid of Buddhafield Base

We have our own song! Deepest thanks to Lucy and Barney of Lucid Bhajans for this beautiful track. Please give it a listen. Any donations to the Base project in exchange for downloads are gratefully received.


Roots we’ve grown,

Seeds we’ve sown,

Base will become our home.

LOVE is the frequency
Creating Unity
Authenticity in the heart of
Our Community

PLAY and celebration
In everything we do
Turn imagination
Into creation

WORK with purpose and with grace
A Sattva pathway
In Serving we can build
An Eco home to stay.

GROW in health and in heart
Care for our Buddha – land
Being one with the earth
Three Jewels in Hand.

Roots we’ve grown,
Seeds we’ve sown,
Base will become our home.


Vocals: Barney Rhythm & Lucy Barber – Lucid Bhajans
Guitar & Percussion: Barney Rhythm
Harmonium: Lucy Barber
Violin: Jill Parsons

Written by Barney Rhythm & Lucy Barber – Lucid Bhajans
Produced and Recorded by Barney Rhythm

Thanks to all the Buddhafield community that provided ideas to help compile the lyrics for this song.

Fundraising update

% of £1.8m Target reached!

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