Creating a Karmic Cascade – the impact of Buddhafield Base

‘It is true that humanity is faced with many problems. It always has been but perhaps not always with such keen awareness of them as we have today. We might be more optimistic if we recognized that we do not have to solve all of these problems. Our essential task—a big enough one to be sure—is simply to keep open the options for the future or perhaps even to broaden them a bit by creating new variety and new niches.’ – Herbert Simon, The Sciences of the Artificial

In creating space for place, purpose and belonging, Buddhafield Base aims to resource people with powerful, self-created states to take back to their local communities, families and personal moments, creating a positive karmic cascade that will impact the network of being. Once we know we’re connected and feel like we know what to do next, the rest comes naturally.

We live in a time when being busy has become an epidemic. We feel constantly overwhelmed and seem to have many rational reasons to be afraid. These states and many others in the same category seem inevitable. We have somehow learned to bear them and even enjoy the adrenaline rush, the sense of achievement, and the glorification of impossible work ethics. However, when was the last time we stopped to ask ourselves if we were actually being effective? Has the mere thought of this question become frightening? What if we are putting in all this effort but hardly making any impact? Perhaps we have lost the sense that it is possible to turn away from the constant tides of trying without leaving ourselves vulnerable to accusations of apathy, naivety, or laziness. Deep down, we know that these levels are not sustainable. If there’s no other option, global burnout will become the full stop at the end of the prevailing narrative.

What is possible? 

There are certain states of being that can remind us of alternative ways of living. These exist all around us and we can see them in the naturing* of which we are all a part. Buddhafield Base is a dream that we’re steering towards reality. Once there, we aim to be increasingly awake to alternative ways of living that are present everywhere but pushed to the edges of our current reality.

It’s important to remember that everything in our world is interconnected. This may seem obvious, but it has significant implications for our ability to make a positive impact. Our actions and choices have consequences that ripple throughout the system. It’s crucial to understand this concept as a fundamental truth without judgment. It’s also important to realise that we are not always in control of the consequences of our past actions. Therefore, it’s essential to offer ourselves and others compassion and understanding.

We see the results of our actions play out in immediate and long-term ways. In the wider world, there have been unexpected examples of natural cascades that are logical in hindsight but currently beyond our abilities to predict in advance. For instance, wolves can change the course of rivers, beavers are experts in engineering landscapes, and otters help restore kelp populations. The complexity of our potential to affect the world is awe-inspiring. Yet, we only scratch the surface when we limit our understanding to what we can grasp with the thinking mind. It’s unrealistic and exhausting to believe that we can steer the whole of our experience in specific ways. But we can create gentle tendencies of direction. How do small currents become the rivers that carry us where our hearts want to go? Through faith, collective intention, creating the right conditions for positive growth, and tending to our lives, both literally and figuratively. All of this can result in beautiful fruits.

Where does Buddhafield Base come in? 

Buddhafield Base aims to provide a place where people can visit and experience the values that promote abundance and joy. Although it cannot always be perfect, the more moments of insight we share, the closer we get to achieving wholesale change. We create an upward spiral in our repetitive, treadmill-based modern lives by prioritising our values of meaningful work, authentic community, care for the land and ecology, and celebration of imagination and creativity. These are distinct aspects of a unified vision that share the following qualities:

  • Perceiving what really exists – over and over, we need to pay attention through meditation and receptivity. We strive to explore collective experience, observe the land, and become aware of our thought patterns. Through this, seeking to identify increasingly subtle levels of perception and develop excellent discernment, which will help us take the next expansive step on our journey.
  • Recognising interdependence and relationships – we are infinitely connected to everything – our food systems, the global community of beings, the stuff we have around us. The more we are aware of that and the more we follow an intention to be kind to those relationships, the more depth and quality we see in existence. 
  • Deep acceptance of expansion and contraction – we inevitably experience these states in a dualistic world. The seasons change, relationships have their ups and downs, and our creativity ebbs and flows. Due to our expectations, societal pressures, or unavoidable responsibilities, we tend to avoid what is happening and end up hurting ourselves. However, accepting the situation and allowing ourselves to embrace it is a path to freedom.

Buddhafield Base is a journey defined by these core values, which can be explored in countless ways. To entirely craft the experience we wish to share, we must use the tools at our disposal as frequently as possible. Often, we are unaware of the true significance of the moments that make up our existence. However, by cultivating a deeper understanding of them, we can create more space and offer support to all levels of being.


*I love a good verb. In fact, I think all nouns should be verbs…. For example, the word Nature should be Naturing. Mother Nature, as in Mothering Nature, who is crying out for our love.”- Neri Oxman

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