Buddhist Art Shop

Welcome to our shop!

Our aim is to make available some fantastic Buddhist art whilst raising money for Base. Our gratitude goes to the artists and owners of these images.

You can get started by clicking on the product images below or scroll further down for more information on image formats and delivery.

Please note that when choosing a variation there are 3 boxes to toggle and the 3rd style box may need to be filled first.

Wall Art

Greeting Cards - packs of 10

To keep things as simple as possible for us whilst giving you value for money this shop integrates with the Gelato print on demand platform. We have chosen a select range of products which we feel will be most valued.
Retail prices have been set to give an *average profit of approximately £6.50, all of which which will go directly towards our Base project.

*The smaller items have a smaller profit margin and vice versa.


  • Posters – 170 gsm, FSC-certified paper or equivalent. Available in various sizes from 13x18cm to 50x70cm.
  • Wood Framed Posters (ready to hang) – paper as above framed in pine 20-25mm thick and 10-14mm wide. Most images have a choice of 2 colours (wood, black or white)
  • Canvases – a blend of cotton and polyester of approx 300-350gsm, with responsibly sourced (mainly FSC certified) wood for stretcher bars, 4cm thick.
  • §Wood Prints§ – high-quality birch wood, approx 10mm thick, with an FSC certification or equivalent. Available in various sizes from 20x30cm to 50x70cm.
  • Greeting Cards – pack of 10 (300g, matte) greeting cards with envelopes, in 2 sizes – A5 & A6.


These orders are fulfilled by local (where possible) printers via Gelato’s network. Postage is added to each product at the checkout and shipping rates are live. Items may be shipped separately.

If you have any issues please get in touch with us at: buddhafieldbaseshop@gmail.com