Buddhafield Base Share Offer

A home you helped build…

We are opening a new branch of our Community Share Offer from 2nd March 2024.

This share offer is an opportunity to be part of the future of Buddhafield through the Base project.

We envision a resource hub where people can engage, learn and rest.

Imagine a place where you can attend events and volunteer that also feels like a home you helped build. With your contribution comes a chance to get involved in this exciting project.

You can buy shares from as little as £250 and up to £100,000.

Community shares are different from standard shares in that any profit goes to benefit the community project rather than individuals.

By buying shares you’ll be making a long-term investment in the community. You might think of it as a donation that you may one day get back.

Read more in our blog post here.

Why invest?

By investing, you will be helping to:

    • Create a hub to work out how to be together in this changing world and creatively approach the challenges we all face.
    • Sustain a positive organisation for future generations to enjoy the fruits of practice and our events.
    • Further educational and support aims designed to resource individuals and communities.
    • Create stronger bonds within an intentional community and help with its expansion.
    • Allow an ethical charity to employ people for more time to further community aims.
    • Support growing ethical enterprise opportunities that help to meet people’s core needs.
    • Create more volunteering opportunities so people can connect with a supportive project year-round.
    • Look after around 70 acres of land and use it to exemplify living simply and harmoniously.