Our Buddhafield Base Values Journey with Emily Sun

Buddha statue in front of a colourful painted background.

Our Values Development Journey

In early 2022, we worked with a wonderful consultant called Emily Sun in an effort to clarify the values and mission of Buddhafield Base. We had some broad themes that we were working with as an organization already – celebration, renunciation, inspiration, and collaboration. However, it was clear that we needed something more specific and meaningful to guide this next step in our evolution.

Values are the underlying principles that guide an organisation. It is expected that these will stay the same over time. Whereas the mission is the particular way that these values might manifest in the world and this can change depending on circumstances.

You can see just one of the steps on our way to discovering our core values in this image:


The Results

After two long sessions, we settled on this:

Buddhafield Base will create a sense of place, purpose, and belonging where we can exemplify the following values:

  • Care for Land and Ecology
  • Authentic Community
  • Meaningful Work
  • Celebration of Imagination and Creativity

All of our work is also ultimately grounded in the Dharma. It is the soil out of which these values grow. Buddhafield has been committed to a value-driven life throughout its evolution. These values are central to the discovery of a regenerative, simplified, and beautiful way of life. They continue to guide us as we consider the next phase of our evolution through the Buddhafield Base project.

You can find out more about our values and how they will show up at Base in our upcoming posts.

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