This month in Base – January 2024

Wishing everyone out there a beautiful 2024. May we rise to challenges, cherish joys and connect more deeply to ourselves and others.

We’ve been looking at the Buddhafield Base year this month and planning our communications, fundraising efforts and property search. Each quarter looks abundant, with opportunities for doing well in these areas.

This project is about the future of Buddhafield and our relationship with the community, land, imagination, and work. However, the future relies on our ability to live fully in the present and attend to the quality of our journey. Therefore, while we look ahead to the possibilities of 2024, we also look around and wonder how we can support each other and you during these times.

Real generosity to the future depends on giving ourselves fully to the present. 

–       Albert Camus

I came across this quote in David Loy’s book EcoDharma – Buddhist Teachings for the Ecological Crisis. It’s a gem of a book that helps us consider the genuine impact that Buddhist practice can have on the world and how that is not separate from our personal journeys.

Coming Up

There’s a lot of behind-the-scenes prep going on for our upcoming event – Buddhafield Base in the City – Bristol. This is a revival of a popular winter event for Buddhafield that last took place before the pandemic. It’s an excellent opportunity to connect, celebrate and raise funds and excitement for the Buddhafield Base project. We hope to launch our second share offer there and gather more folks for our ambassador project. Early bird tickets sold out this month, and the next tier is flying out the door, so it promises to be a fantastic gathering.

Be well and take care.

With kindness,


Project Lead, Buddhafield Base

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