Gofundme Guide (adapted from the website)

  • Visit https://www.gofundme.com
  • Select ‘start a gofundme’ on the Right of the screen
  • Where do you live?
    • Enter the location as the country of the bank account receiving the funds. This will also determine the currency collected.
  • What are you fundraising for?
    • Select ‘Environment’, then select continue. 

  • Who are you fundraising for?
    • Select ‘Charity’ and search for ‘Buddhafield’ and you’ll see our name and logo. 

BF Logo badge

Your goal amount should reflect how much you’re looking to raise. When setting your goal, keep in mind there will be a transaction fee per donation, so you may want to set your goal slightly higher than what you need. You can learn more about setting your goal in this article.

Here are some important things to know about your goal amount:

  • You have the option to edit your goal at any time
  • You do not need to reach your goal to receive your funds
  • Your fundraiser won’t automatically end when you reach your goal

To create your account, you’ll enter your name, email address, and a password. Double check the spelling of your email, and it’s good practice to make note of your password somewhere safe.

Make sure you use an email address you have access to, because the GoFundMe team will be sending you important messages.

The name you enter will be displayed publicly on the fundraiser page. If you don’t want to use your full name, whether for safety or personal reasons, you can enter your chosen name here. Be sure to enter your legal name when it comes time to set up transfers.

Fundraisers using a personal photo or video that showcases the person, animal, or cause for the funds are generally more successful than those that do not. Whether you choose a photo or video, please keep the following in mind:

  • You must have the rights to post and share the photo or video
  • It’s best if the photo is clear and bright
  • The video must be hosted on YouTube
    • Be sure it is set to Public
    • Learn more about video here
    • If you’re using the GoFundMe app, you can record a video directly through GoFundMe. Learn more here.
    • Please let us know through our Contact Page if you require any Buddhafield Base graphics or help creating a picture.

First, you’ll need to create your fundraiser title. This is your chance to stand out. Create a title that is specific to your cause, using names or a call to action.  For example, ‘Help Debra buy a new Base for Buddhafield’ has more impact than ‘new Base fund’. It has to be 50 characters or less, so make sure it fits!

A great story will be open and descriptive, and include a bit about who you are, what you’re raising funds for, and how the money will be spent.  If you’re raising money for someone else (the beneficiary), it’s a good idea to share how you know them.

You may want to include this text referring to Buddhafield Base Project:

Your support will raise funds for *******’s chosen charity ‘Buddhafield Base’ www.buddhafieldbase.com

Buddhafield are a collaboration of Buddhist involved with running camping retreats, the Buddhafield Festival, Buddhafield Cafe and the Green Earth Awakening Camp. The Buddhafield Base Project aims to purchase at least 60 acres of land to create a more permanent Buddhafield Base and community. Here, the community will practise the four shared values in Care for Land & Ecology, Building Authentic Community, Meaningful Work, and the Celebration of Creativity and self development practices.

By pledging your support you will help raise £1.8 million to build Buddhafield a Base, place, purpose and belonging. Expanding Land Care Projects, Community Events, Educational Offerings & Enterprises that will benefit all beings.

Watch Buddhafield Base video here.

Read more about fundraiser stories here.

When you’ve finished writing your story, click “Complete fundraiser,” or “Save” if you’d like to make changes before launching.

Once you click “Complete fundraiser,” your campaign is live and able to receive donations!

Please continue reading for important information about how to start getting donations.

While your fundraiser can start receiving donations right away, no one will know your fundraiser is active until you start to share it. Sharing your fundraiser with as many communities as you can is the best way for it to be successful. Here are a few ways to share, but if you would prefer not to connect these right now, you can click “next”:

  • Social media: You can use this page to connect your GoFundMe to a variety of social media platforms, including Facebook, Messenger, Twitter, and WhatsApp. You can also copy your fundraiser link here so you have it ready to send to people.
  • Email: You can import your contacts to GoFundMe and use this page to send emails.
  • In person: You can use your custom link to share your fundraiser over text message, on posters and print outs, when speaking to your community, and as part of presentations. There are countless ways to get the word out using your link!
  • Be sure to let the Buddhafield team know through our contact page so we can share your GoFundMe page widely.

Remember, sharing is the key part to getting donations on GoFundMe. If you aren’t sharing your fundraiser with your friends, family, and community, then it’s not likely to get donations. Using your personal network can help get you closer to your goal, and you can read more about the different options for sharing in the “Fundraiser success tips” section of our Help Centre.

Adding team members to your fundraiser can make it more successful. Team fundraisers have been shown to raise up to 3x more funds, and team members:

  • Can help spread the word
  • Can post updates and thank donors
  • Cannot transfer funds or edit the story

Enter your team members’ email addresses and click “Send invite” to ask them to join your team. Learn more about team fundraisers in this Help Centre article.

Your fundraiser is now live, and you’re ready to raise funds.