Sponsored events

Ideas Board

Sponsored juggle (how many things can you learn to juggle?)

Sponsored hula hoop (how many hoops or for how long?)

Sponsored rope walk

Sponsored stilt walk (how far can you walk?)

Sponsored walk, run or on wheels.

Pick a route you’ve always wanted to do and complete in one go or in a series of visits.

Check out national trails for ideas… www.nationaltrail.co.uk


Sponsored keep me up (how many can you do in one go?)

Sponsored ping pong (eg. in a team, play for 24 hours)

Sponsored swim/run/walk/cycle (complete x km in a month)


Sponsored meditation (eg. meditate x hours a month or x days in a row)

Sponsored mantra chant (eg. in a team, 24 hours)

Sponsored silence

Sponsored yogathon

Sponsored knit

Sponsored crochet (could you crochet 100 Buddhas?!)

Sponsored photograph (could you take a photo a day for a month?)

Sponsored embroidery/tapestry (as a team perhaps)

Sponsored instrument practise (x hours of practise in a month)

Sponsored musical performance (in a team 24 hour concert!)

Sponsored lego build

Sponsored speak (eg. x number of words in another language)